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Fuelled creates 3d images, or as it's called here; Digital Awesomeness. Whether it be a still image used as a stunning visual next to your top story in a fancy magazine, that one special effect in your next blockbuster movie, or a complete walkthrough your companies production-line. From start to finish; Fuelled does it all. And it can be made as real as the world around you, or as fantastic as your wildest dreams.


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Fuelled is a young enterprise located in the south of holland. Situated in the burgundian town of Bergen op Zoom we are a company that specialise in 3D design and Motion Graphics.

Fuelled was founded in 2008 for the love of CGI, computer generated images. The love to 'just make something awesome' has been the drive from the very start and remains the biggest inspiration up to this day.

These images are made for anyone that has a story to tell, or a problem that needs explaining or for any other kind of reason for that matter. No matter what your specific reason might be, the best way of handeling it is to use digital awesomeness by Fuelled.

So has your creative engine run dry? Get Fuelled!


We love making beautifull work, and not just for ourselves, but especially for you.

Fuelled works for an array of different companies. Large and small, national, and international! Be it a electronic dance event company or one that builds food processing machines.

Besides our own customers we also work for a number of agencies who use Fuelled to complement or reinforce their in-house skillset. Fuelled can act as either an external or internal temporary 3D department to help your company out when and where needed. Get in touch to see how we can offer some support if you need some!

You can use Fuelled if you have a great idea but it would take a 300 page manifesto to explain it to others. Do you need a real life visualisation of your new product to rallye up investors and can't afford the time or money to build an expensive prototype? Do you want some out of this world visuals for your add-campaign, invented a real life flux capacitor and want to show the world how it works? Do you need something even we can't dream up? Even if you're just curious what else is out there besides your 'let's-just-do-another-flyer-solution' that you've used the past 20 years. Just give us a call, because whatever it is you want or need; Fuelled has a solution. And you'll be surprised that most times it's quicker, cheaper and often better than you would have gotten with traditional media. Check out the "why" section for, well you've probably guessed it; why!

Now, this isn't -just- for the Nikes's and RedBull's of the world with matching budgets and creative idea's (But if one of them is reading this we'd love to hear from you!) Because there are many ways to fit the project to your budget, or fit the budget to the project. Maybe that means slimming down the length of the animation, or the level of realism, or the detail of the models. There is always a way. We offer digital visual solutions for virtually every problem or need!

It might feel overwhelming, but it all starts with one simple question; just check out which Flavours we have to offer in the read below!







The world of 3d is as vast as the real world around us. One choice doesn't exclude another, and not one technique is specifically usefull for one type of project. Whatever your dreams or desire, in the end it will have to become one of the 2 below:


This is when we deliver one or more single images. It still offers the wide range of styles and techniques imaginable, But the pictures just won't move.

Think of all sort of print material, poster, magazines, editoritals and so on. Or go digital and use it on anything that uses a screen to get the message acros, whether it be a TV or an Ipad or a screen from your narrowcasting system.

One of the great advantages is that size is of no importance (this goes for animation as well), so if you want a print to cover the side of your house or just a small graphic to use on your Facebook page: It can be the same image.

In fact you can even change your mind and decide to turn that facebook banner into a house-size print right before your deadline.

Scroll down to read more about the advantages that 3D can offer!



Besides still images we have something else in our wide scala of two things to offer; Animation!

Once you decide to get things moving in your image, we're talking animation. This can be a simple 360 degree camera rotation around a product. Or a VW Beetle that's being assembled to the very last last screw.

Seeing your idea come to live from the canvas and move and react to the things that surround it truly takes it to another level.

Also; an extra bonus is the fact that every single frame of the animation (that's 25 options per second) can be turned into a High Resolution print version image.

So if you need a advertisement and you want that one shot from the animation? Just pass the time code and we'll freeze frame and render it to you specific needs.



Well, maybe you don't necessarily need to get re-Fuelled - though offcourse we'd like you to. But there are still many advantages that we (or 3d in general) offer over 'tradional' solutions. Let's say you need a high resolution, ultra realistic, pack shot of your product and there is a change in one of the labels. With 3d there is no need to hire more studio time and check the schedule of that one photographer, rebuild the light setup and try to match the first shot. The whole setup stays the same ensuring an exact match to the first shot. And with a few clicks the label has been swapped for the new one and the image is rerenderd. Saving you time and money.

Or maybe you want something more risky, say an alligator doing a backflip from an air balloon. You can try and train an alligator how to use a parachute, and get some permits for a photoshoot involving a live alligator falling from the sky. But with 3d, everything is much easier and no alligators will be harmed in the proces.

Another benefit is that, if chosen, there are no physical limitations in 3d, therefore enabeling us to - for instance - fit a camera of any size any where. If you need to show the inside of a blender while it's operating we can do so without destroying a single camera and thus saving many GoPro's Lives!

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